Friday, February 12, 2016

She Said Yes

Jared introduced us to Larissa on 12 Dec 2013. We loved her from the start. 

Two years went quickly.....
2 year anniversary Nov 2015
 And suddenly Jared was asking for advice on jewelry shopping and photographers....and sent us this photo.

Us Traveling Gherkins did well! We didn't even talk about this with siblings who called on birthdays....or with Larissa.  ::snort::

Larissa flew out to visit Indiana....and Jared asked her to consider being his wife at 1200 EST  - 0900 PST. And....She Said Yes.

We are over the  moon excited. At one point last week Jared couldn't find a photographer and asked if he should call it off because it wouldn't be perfect.  We came up with a huge scheme involving photo booths - but the photographer had mercy on him and hid in the park!

Well done, Jared. I love that she was so surprised!  I love that we are gaining a lovely new daughter.