Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Price of Employment

Nolan was told he could have no facial hair with his new job at McDonalds. WHUT?  It's been years since I've seen Nolan's nekkid face.  I knew this was a possibility, but didn't realize it was a reality. Michael told him, "Mom will want photos." Yes. Mom would have liked video clips too - however - Mom is thankful Arielle and he thought to get a shot before he shaved his beard.  There was debate if "facial hair" meant he should shave the eyebrows too. ::snort::

He does look quite a bit older with the beard. I see why the boss wasn't going to hire him when she thought it was 29 - first job, just finishing high he looks more like a 19 yo.

Handsome either way. He began growing out the beard as he would get a terrible, TERRIBLE red, bumpy rash each time he shaved. Anyone have ideas to help with that?

The other cost of this job, is Nolan will miss our family's first dip-netting trip next week. We were counting on that net in the water. LOL