Tuesday, November 22, 2016

We're Done In

It caught up with us.

We worked hard right up to the 11th.

The 11th we drove ourselves and Mom G to OR, got the kids settled, packed and had a VA appointment.

The 12th we left Mom and Dad T's house in OR at 0430 and didn't go to bed until midnight in Houston.

The  cruise was wildly relaxing.....

Saturday was an 18 hour travel day  - it began in Galveston, TX and ended in Melborne, FL.

Sunday we bought an RV and traveled 6 hours - a late night - all in FL.

Monday we spent the a.m. at the shop and  traveled 6 or 7 hours - FL - MS. It was a great day - but late.
Nameless wonder at a Texas Rest Stop 

Today was a 12 hour travel day. We began in MS and are now in TX.  We had hoped to go a bit further - but we're done!

We still have at least 3- 12 hour traveling days -  2200 miles.   There is simply NO way I see us making OR by Thanksgiving. We may kill ourselves if we keep trying.

In addition, we've caught some bug. I got a cold in FL. I have some sort of GI upset. I was fairly sure I caught a dreaded Caribbean virus, but Michael is just as sure it's simply strange water and exhaustion - mixed with a FL cold. 😡 Michael is feeling ragged himself.

We have stopped. This is our view tonight - every other truck stop has had RV spots. This one doesn't, so I imagine irate truckers sending us packing - but we had to stop.