Friday, September 12, 2014

Ninja Twister - Japan Meets America

Three Joyful Thoughts
1. It's Friday.
2. Friends who will come to Pizza and Games at the last minute.
3. Fun conversation, laughter and chocolate.

Friday. I live for Fridays just now. 

Somewhere during the night I got the idea it was TIME to invite Holly, Liza, Cynthia and Daniel over for Pizza and Games at the Gherkins.  Michael agreed. I sent email invites and hoped.

The younger kids and I enacted a marathon of couch school but we got it ALL done for the week. Nolan and Arielle finished school as well.  We've perfected the 4 day "school week" so they can "serve" on Wednesdays in Kids Flight at PWOC.  I've decided to figure out a 1/2 credit for them from all their volunteer service. BUT they still have a full high school case load to finish in four days. They did. Arielle is slightly more amazing as she also babysat Tuesday night and all day Thursday - AND got her week of work done. 

Gherkin adult males - pray for your younger brother - he's entered the Austin zone where mom requires Pride and Prejudice. I am confident he will survive - as you did.

Stacia and I ran to Papa Murphy's. Yes, we USED to make homemade pizza weekly...but honestly Papa does it so well. I've been thrilled to live where a Papa Murphy is conveniently located. It's a wonderful country. ::wink::

Our guests arrived, we visited, and set out food. Michael arrived. We ate and talked. We weren't 100% sure how well this group of youth would gel - but I suspected if they got together outside of chapel and we let them do what they wanted something may happen.....

Spoons Happened
And Ninja Twister happened - a Gherkin invented combination
And Story Cubes and then Unfortunately - Fortunately
It was a fun night. Maybe it's the nucleus of a Protestant Youth Group at Beale - if God brings volunteers along to shepherd it...or maybe it's just the start of fun nights for parents and youth to enjoy community. My only regret is I didn't invite the one other family with youth from chapel - I knew "Dad" was out of town - but as we sat and visited I realized all these Dads were out of town too. A great DUH moment! There's always another week. 

Choosing Joy!
©2014 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...