Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Baachan Gets a Personal Trainer

Benny caught me working out without him when they dropped by. My NP had suggested I start some strength/core training....I've been watching Krista and Stacia....I've done a couple of yoga workouts with Stacia and thought I'd hop onto the mat and do a bit core work......

I commented these planks were a piece of cake and I wasn't sure what the girls complained about.  Benny wasn't having it...he heard "plank"....

and KNEW I needed his assistance and wasn't doing it right. I love teasing him a bit...and the girls love taking photos. LOL
Such hard work being a personal trainer
 He was over the planks and ready to move on. 

Benny watches yoga workouts too. "Like this, Baachan." 

It's always so much fun when the grandblessings visit. I'm glad Benny was on hand to enliven my workout.

Benny knows a nutritious treat when he sees it, too. I made Fuhrman's Fudgesicles for his mama and we still make them around here in the summer.

*All photos in this post are from Arielle.  I'm so happy to see many of my offspring have caught the photo bug!