Saturday, July 28, 2012


I was up at 2:30 - before anyone else. I had solitude. I had a cup of tea and read some blogs I haven't been able to get to for quite some time.

Then? I went for an 05:30 walk at our beach.  I took Yuuki with me and it was WONDERFUL.

Folks used to leave their boats on this beach....and then we had the Tsunami...and the boats were in trees......there haven't been boats left on the beach for some time....and now there is's tied up...but it's there. 

I walked from our beach down to the surfer beach. I had hoped to walk on the "pier"....

Yuuki had other thoughts. ::snort:: 

We did find lots of early morning surfers. 

If I hadn't of had jet lag, I wouldn't have been at the beach at 05:30. I love it.

Choosing Joy!
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Laura said...

Something very poignant about that boat, isn't there? Glad you enjoyed your morning.