Saturday, May 17, 2014

Teeth Whitening

The dentist in Misawa said he didn't need to polish my teeth as they weren't stained. The dentist here said the first thing he noticed about me was my "beautiful smile, but it is yellow." He wanted $500 for a super duper blaster whitening and then the bleach things every few months. This would be a life time service...except he knows I'm military and I won't be here for more than 2 treatments. ::snort::  He said home remedies won't work to the degree I need. I asked how much it would be to buy the trays from him and just fill them with bleach at home. He seriously told me that common bleach was not the same thing. ::snort:: 

I had noticed a couple of teeth  were yellowing and it was bothering me....but I'd never thought of doing anything about it....and at $500 I'm not likely to think of it much.  Of course, NOW I notice my whole family has yellow teeth - and many of YOU too - so I really think that this fixation of dentists in our local area for white teeth has to do with our proximity to Hollywood. ::snort:: 

Facebook friends shared all sorts of remedies. 

I tried oil pulling and gagged for hours afterwards. I still gag if I think of it. In fact, I've not been able to face coconut oil since that fateful morning. Google it if you've not heard of it - I really can't think about it much longer. I'm gagging. 

One friend noted we have the color teeth God wants us to have. I love the sentiment...except I note many change their hair color, shave their legs  - you know. I don't feel particularly vain if I want whiter teeth.

I brushed and swished with hydrogen peroxide and water. The first day I got too much and my mouth foamed "forever." The next few days were better...until I just couldn't face it another day....just couldn't. Not as bad as oil pulling but still kicked in the gag reflex. 

Finally I bought some Aqua fresh gel trays - just like the dentist uses. ::snort:: 

Day 1 and 2  - ugh....I CAN HANDLE THIS....but it's uncomfortable, the trays don't reach the top of my teeth are only half my teeth going to be white? I really don't like the gel taste....

Day 3 - I happened to have my glasses on and read the package as I opened today's trays...oh - there are  top and bottom trays. Who knew? And when you put them in right they DO cover all my top teeth...and they close so that the gel doesn't get all over your tongue and go down your throat..... I sat in the hot tub for 45 minutes and thought about a happy place. I'm training myself for upcoming dental work. I practiced breathing through my nose and not compulsively swallowing. 

No, I don't see any improvement but then I didn't do it right the first two days and I think I swallowed most the gel by the end of 45 minutes. Ugh.

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Laura said...

Not only was this informative, it made me laugh! :D

Going to have to google the coconut oil thing… ;)