Thursday, May 07, 2015

Past Meets Present or Look at us Then

Our very first assignment was Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls, MT in 1995. Arielle and Nolan were both born in Great Falls.    We met many lovely people at our first assignment. Chapel truly was family  - your family away from home. I know this isn't always the case - but it's been our experience at each assignment.  One of the families we met at Malmstrom was the Lynn Family. Their Christmas Open House was legendary. I've yet to live up to the benchmark Charity set.  This is what they looked like back in the day.....

F - Christina and Angel
B - David, Charity, Timothy
We looked like this the Sunday we prepared to hop in our van and drive to our second assignment: Kelly AFB, San Antonio, TX.  (Alex joined our family during our second assignment and Stacia during our fourth.)
Arielle and Jared in Front, Me and Nolan - 3 months
Bre, Jamin, Krista, Josiah and Michael in the back
Michael made a comment about gas prices in CA (they are really high) on his Facebook timeline this week. Charity sent me a message asking which base we were currently assigned to. I responded and found out Dave and Charity's daughter, Angel and her family were recently assigned to Beale AFB. They are here AT BEALE helping  them move into a base house - HERE - at BEALE. (I think this may have just been a good excuse for Nana to visit Triston but nonetheless that is what we were told).

We met for lunch - and it was fun to see Angel all grown up and meet her husband and son. It was pure joy to reconnect with Dave and Charity. Dave had advice for Michael in navigating the VA system and enjoying retirement. I'm so glad Dave and Charity "happened" to be here in the few days we are here before leaving for TX.

 The best part - they'll be back in August.  They may well be at Michael's retirement. I forgot the camera yesterday but I'll be sure to have it that day....and I can snap a photo of the gherkins and the Lynns all grown up. LOL

It seemed very fitting to be surprised at our last assignment by friends from our first assignment. It is also full circle to see kids we had in RE enlisted and visiting as they begin their service to the country. Yep - full circle.

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Laura said...

That is wonderful! I love the full circle. And the photo of your family. :)