Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Some Thoughts

We are in the midst of "lasts."  In little and big ways we are reminded  our time of ministry in the Air Force is coming to a close.  Just a couple lasts from this week....

Monday I wrote my last board agenda for a PWOC board meeting.

Tuesday I taught my last PWOC Bible Study as an Active Duty Spouse - possibly forever.

Wednesday I led my last PWOC board meeting.

Wednesday Michael led the last Family Bible study as an Active Duty Chaplain.

In this season the Holy Spirit continues to remind me that Jesus is the GOOD shepherd. He goes BEFORE us and He will reveal His plans to us.

Most know it is our plan to move into our travel trailer after Michael's retirement while we wait for clarity from God on the next season of ministry. For decades the military has told us where our next season of service will be, where we will live, what Michael will get the idea. We plan to rest as we remember how to hear from God "outside" the military chain. ::snort::

No matter how exciting the "firsts" could be, the "lasts" are never easy for this gal. I reminded myself coming here it would only be for 2 years and roots should not go deep - but those pesky roots of this "peopler"  don't always obey.

Last weekend's pop up  trip to see Mom G was what my soul needed. In the middle of the busyness and the sadness of the lasts, it was good for our family to catch a glimpse of what waits on "the other side."

Full time RVers....I had pictured ourselves living and schooling surrounded by 90 year old RVers. We met a young family who are full time RVers. They need Jesus. We plan to live in this RV campground at least a month. They don't have a car to get the 7 miles to town - we do. Maybe God is arranging an invitation to Jesus for Robert and Jennifer.

We began to really think of what we need to do to convert the Caboose to a home vs. a weekend getaway. Storage is going to be the main issue and we still don't have the answers.

My 3 mile walk in the Redwoods and the fitbit tracking the results removed my concern about not being able to work out when the elliptical is given away.

Silly little things - all assurances that Jesus knows our hearts and our concerns. He will continue to lead....even outside of the military chain of command. LOL


Kathy in WA said...

Bittersweet times. You and Michael have served faithfully. Excited to see what God has in store for you next.

Wilma said...

I understand your concern about the logistics of living in a trailer full time. We lived in a 28' Terry for 9 months when our home was being rebuilt after a fire. We had three children than. Are you familiar with the Tichnors who are full timers and the parents of 12 children, 9 of whom travel with them?. Their website is Maybe you can communicate with Dana to get some ideas about full-timing.

I think of you often and the great changes taking place. I will keep you in my prayers in the coming months.

Cynthia said...

We have very fond memories of the summers when we lived in our 5th wheel when the kids were younger and we had mostly jobs out of town! It took very little time to clean and I read so many books those summers :)..... I know it's considerably different to know you're only doing that for a summer like we did compared to your not knowing how long or what is next, but I hope you can fully enjoy the time.. I'm sure you will :). You're so great at choosing joy and blossoming no matter where you've landed :)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks for the kind words, all.

Wilma - I'll check out the link.

Anonymous said...

Sis: In a way we can identify with you when is comes to the "lasts" of life. Well, we will be and have been praying for you all as this time comes, passes and the future begins out of the AF. I can just imagine all the "God like" contacts you all are going to be having. I think your ministries will grow even more and this new kind of life is going to be pleasant and even fun. You and Mike are such special folks with the love of God pouring out of your lives. EXCITING IS THE WORD FOR THE FUTURE. All our love/prayers -- dad/mom

Laura said...

I echo Kathy... bittersweet indeed.