Saturday, May 18, 2024

May's Family Gathering

We gathered today to celebrate Gideon, Izaak and Arielle's birthdays and Jared and Larissa's (JaRissa) anniversary.  It was a fun day! Izaak and Carrie and the girls couldn't make it due to work.  JaRissa had campaign engagements. Jenni was in MO...and Jamin was supposed to be in MO but ended up being in AK...we flex. It's ALWAYS fun to gather with whoever can make it. 

Nolan and Alex surprised me by showing up early and helping Michael get the trampoline set up. Winter is OFFICIALLY fully and truly over. This trampoline was gifted to the cause by Jamin. It has a net. Recognizing there are two schools of thoughts on the safety of nets, we let our moms decide which they wanted. LOL 

Nolan, Michael, Alex

Reno (KrUke's dog) watched over all the happenings and made sure all the kids were safe and happy.

The kids were quick to discover the trampoline. 
Charles and Benny


Stacia and the boys


Charles is an exhilarating driver

Jojo, Nolan and Gideon 

Nolan with a passel of kids

It is so much easier to have EVERYONE over when we can sit outside and inside, and the kids can run to their heart's desires. 
Jamin, Bre and Trudy, Krista, Luke

Everyone brought their main "thing" to grill, I provided sides and desserts, and Cory and Nolan took over all the grilling! It was a great plan! 

Time to gather around the island, sing, blow out candles and eat the various ice cream cakes. This month there were 3...2 full size ones and a small Lactose intolerant cake. 

I love the fact that Annie and Bennie are caught singing. Danny loves to belt out the birthday song too. In fact, they went to a party recently and the boys weren't sure why everyone sang Happy Birthday wrong. LOL 

Just like that Gideon is 7. Time is flying!