Thursday, June 06, 2024

A Day in the Garden...

Michael and Cory check the weather forecast at the beginning of the week, Michael determines what he wants Cory to help him with this week and they make a "plan."  Cory ended up helping us 6 1/2 hours today. 

Cory showed up just before 0800. I gave him the keys to Michael's truck. He headed to Wasilla.  Armed with the GG monitor I headed to the garden. I have been saving cardboard and, in the hour, Cory was gone, I laid cardboard out on as much of the garden as I could.  This looks pretty much like it has in past years. It's common to see roofing tiles, old carpets, cardboard in our garden. 

This year Cory contacted a tree service and picked up their chipped trees. Rather than dump the chips in a big pile for Mike and I to shuttle around, he unloaded the chips into the garden rows. I believe Cory made two trips to Wasilla today. 

At one point two moose came RACING across our yard and into the woods. I was glad Cory was there...I'm a bit nervous after the last adventure. I expected to see the bears - who have been eating chickens and bee hives to come after them - but they didn't. 

We found some old containers that had  filled with grass. The chickens are in heaven...grass and worms served in a fun dish. LOL 

Michael joined us at noon. The guys had planned to get the rest of the plastic on the hoop house. This house has two beds in it...and I have cucumber starts ready to move in. The beds were full of weeds. Since we had run out of cardboard and wood chips...I weeded the beds and Cory got out the weed eater. He trimmed around the beds, the hoop house and then did around the perimeter of the electric fence. 

The guys decided it was too windy to try to deal with the big sheets of plastic covering the hoop house today.  Michael burned weeds.  Cory did some rototilling and burning too. Michael bought more propane. 

This bed on the left is the last one for me to weed. We have the supplies to make one or two more beds. The baptistry will need some dirt, I filled it with bigger branches from the load of wood chips. 

While Michael and Cory worked, I weeded beds, added soil to beds, up planted tomatoes, planted potatoes and picked "things" up from the garden. LOL 

Do you see how tall the asparagus got in the past two days? 

There are even new spears poking through the dirt. I planted 3 rows. It appears that 1 1/2 rows are producing. 

We harvested some and shared with CoRielle. I threw ours in with a mixture of broccoli, sweet potato, Brussel sprouts, and onions for dinner. Speaking of dinner - it's THURSDAY. Jenni joined us for dinner and a bit of fun viewing. She will have company the next couple of weeks, so we won't see her for a bit. 
What a difference the wood chips make!

This is the day that won't end for Michael.  Everything was working fine until we were cleaning up dinner...and BAM. It appears the main is clogged well and good. He spent a couple of hours trying to clean it all out...and then noted a pipe is cracked. 

Its now 0115 on FRIDAY....the chickens headed to bed without us. I'm going to head to bed too. 

The day hasn't gone as planned....and yet...what a PRODUCTIVE day. I LOVE seeing the garden look more civilized! I am hopeful, once again, we can get the weeds under some sort of control! 

Legal Update

We have been rather tight-lipped on the legal scenario we find ourselves currently wading through. We do appreciate your prayers, concern, support and kindness. We have decided to give a quick, though vague, update. 

A plea deal was offered to the defendant in Josiah's murder. He had until June 5th to respond. We have heard nothing.  As far as we know the deal is void after June 5th. This appears to mean there will be a trial. 

Josiah, Livie & Willow - June 5, 2022

How do we feel? We miss Josiah dearly. 

How do we feel about a trial? Ambivalent. 

The idea of having "justice" served without a trial was welcome. It would have been comforting to know this part of the story was settled.  We have been warned a trial will be hard. While I, personally, had decided I didn't want to do hard, I know this family CAN do hard. We will do what we have to do to see our community safe  and to get what "justice" this world can offer for Josiah. 

We will attend a trial setting conference on June 12th.