Friday, May 31, 2024

Super Full Friday

Another morning when I had to be sure to get Michael up and at it and GG up, showered and fed by a set time! LOL  

I'll throw in a quick medical update for Michael, he has had more follow up labs. We are expecting results and new medications any day.  

Stacia spent the night at Carrie's last night and will spend the day with Liv and Josi today. 

My cousin, Darla, IS IN TOWN! What? Darla lives in Luisanna. I've not seen her since Gram's funeral though we've kept in touch via Facebook. Dennis and Darla have been on quite an amazing trip....up the west coast on a train, cruising to AK, busses to Denali, cruising to Canada and then on to the train again and closing the circle on their way home. So often people go on an Alaskan cruise and think we'll be able to meet up with them...but y'all Alaska is a BIG state and there are parts where most cruise that would take us DAYS (and current passports) to meet up. It's always a bonus when people take Alaskan cruises which go into Whittier or Seward...a few hours from us.  We were excited to know Dennis and Darla would be in Anchorage for a day before heading to Whittier to catch the cruise ship. 

We stopped by Carrie's and dropped Allie off to spend some time with Stacia and the girls. It's a good thing we did as Allie was the only one who thought to take any pictures all day long. LOL  The four girls and Willow headed out to walk to Liv's new school. 

Enjoying nature

Josi will be 4 months in a week 

I LOVE to see this bond developing! 

Michael, Dad and I went to lunch with Dennis and Darla and spent some time catching up. We headed to the Alaska Fur Exchange as there were some souvenir items and artwork Dennis wanted to find and this was the recommended location to shop by others on their tour.  I was impressed with the wooly mammoth tusks...

I am kicking myself for not getting a photo of all of us.  Our next stop was Earthquake Park. We dropped Darla and Dennis off at the Captain Cook Hotel and went to pick up Allie. 

We pulled into our driveway and noted Cory was around somewhere. We couldn't find him; we could hear Danny's voice...they brought over some starts and came back to help plant them. Cory and Michael put up a trellis in one of the gardens. They decided NOT to use the wooden trellis' we brought from Carrie's after all.  Danny took helping very seriously - again I must remember to take photos! He watered the beds I've planted. He cleaned out pots I wanted to up-plant some of Cory's starts into. He helped me plant a couple and then was off and running. 

Allie ran and got Lady, BreZaak's dog, and took her on a walk to the river. 

We finished our lunches for dinner...

We were surprised to discover while putting GG to bed he hadn't realized who Dennis and Darla was. I had told him we were meeting up with his niece today.  It was sad he wasn't 100% sure even after we reminded him of the connection....Mom's brother's daughter from Luisana and her husband...

I spent a few hours with my heating pad....and we watched a couple more episodes of Young Sheldon. Stacia got home about 9 p.m.  It was a good day. 

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Busy @ Carrie's

The highlight of today was helping Carrie get some projects done at her home. Cory and us 5 congregated on their home with tools and truck. The first order of the day was moving a patio table and treadmill from her garage to more useful locations. We met their neighbor, Tyler, who also attends ACF church. He came over and helped move the treadmill up the stairs...this allowed Michael's bad back to avoid lifting. 

To be honest, Michael didn't feel he needed help. Cory and I overruled him...and in the end Cory admitted it was heavy and he was glad Michael didn't tax his back. 

While Cory and Michael put together the table and the treadmill, the girls and I moved piles of "stuff" previously collected in the yard to the driveway. Carrie's Dad came and he and Jamin loaded the truck. Jerry, Carrie's Dad, took 2 loads to the dump. When Josiah and Carrie bought the house, the previous owners per agreement left a variety of things to dispose. They were gardeners, Carrie is not. 

Even Josi came out and enjoyed the fresh air and activity. 

It was quite a process watching Cory and Michael move a glider into Josi's room and the treadmill into Carrie's room. LOL  I am always amazed how things usually CAN fit around corners when one is motivated.  

We also went through a shed with Carrie and brought some of Josiah's outdoor gear to our home where everyone will be able to borrow it as they would like. While the guys put things together and loaded the truck for the dump, the girls visited with Liv and snuggled with Josi. I missed photos. 
GG and Josi

We ended up benefitting from the previous gardeners. We brought home a compost thingy (looks like a big bingo pot), couple trellis', Josiah's outdoor equipment, greenhouse siding, canning supplies, and LOTS of cardboard! 

Stacia spent the night in town so she can be with Josi and Liv tomorrow. Allie, GG and I headed home to finish dinner and meet Jenni. Jamin had to get back to work.  Michael and Cory loaded up the truck, drove home and unloaded the truck. 

It was a gorgeous day today! The skies were striking this morning as I sipped my cuppa chai in the garden. In the morning. Before any work. It doesn't happen if I wait. LOL Look how GREEN everything has recently gotten. 

I knew the day was going to be busy and didn't plan to spend time in the garden today but sitting out there led to weeding the strawberries, finding a couple more spears of asparagus and a strawberry, and planting 3 tomato plants and some sugar snap peas.  There is something to the "relaxing in the garden" theory. 

Do you wonder what we are going to do with our new gardening finds? The trellis' will go right into garden beds. The cardboard is going to be placed in the garden walkways and covered with mulch. Michael plans to take the greenhouse siding and make little covers for several beds to extend our growing season. CoRielle may take the composty thing...if not it will be good for mixing our own soil amendments in future years. 

We enjoyed dinner and an episode of All Creatures Great and Small with Jenni.  

Michael began drawing up deck plans. It's become apparent I am challenged when picturing blueprints.  I need to go outside with a measuring tape, rope and cardboard to lay things out. LOL 

Allie, Michael and I found something to watch on Netflix after GG went to bed. 

It was a good, productive, beautiful, long day...mixed with moments of longing and missing Josiah...just about where we should be at this point of our new journey. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Afternoon Tea (& Summary of a Full Day)

The highlight of my day was continuing my quest to successfully introduce the next generation to the wonders of afternoon tea. While Bre took Trudy, Gideon and Bella to a well-child check...these two and I had a tea party. 

Jojo (Josiah) and Annie

Annie and I took our tea outside so she and Jojo could ride bikes too. They have a new plant and picnic table...nice additions. 

In the background you can see CoRielle's home (blue one) - which Nolan and Alex lease. 

I ran over to drop off eggs with a gal and then to a neighbor's home to pick up some produce she wanted to share. I raced home expecting Krista would be out to interview Michael and for dinner. Plans changed so we settled in for dinner and the first night in a long time when all five us were home...

OH - other highlights of the day...I had a sourdough round which over-proofed. It looked like a flying saucer. We have plenty of nice ones in the freezer. The chickens thought it was a wonderful treat. 

I didn't get my cuppa chai in the garden or greenhouse today...but I did move some seedlings into the house under the grow light, weeded 3 beds, moved cardboard into the garden and cleaned up the greenhouse a bit. 

Michael had an appointment today. He hooked up water to the greenhouse and garden (I'll have to grab a photo tomorrow) and did a few other things which I missed as I was out running around. 

Stacia went to therapy this afternoon (Allie saw her therapist yesterday) and to the library. The receptionist at the therapist's think there may be a way for the Victims of Violent Crime to pay for the co-pays. They've given me some new numbers to try, I've previously been told our co-pays would come off the total amount they'd pay out for Carrie and the girls. The receptionist seems quite sure that is not the way it is supposed to work.  I'll add that to the list of phone calls I keep forgetting to make. ::snort:: Seriously, it's GARDENING SEASON I can't be making phone calls. I'm trying. I've got messages out to 4 lawyers...I better try to make some calls in the morning. 

Allie took her new guitar to get strings put on it, and to drop off library books.  

Cory came over and finished getting the electric fence up and working. This usually helps with the moose. They learn to avoid the garden. He also worked to tame the part of the garden we are not planting this year. All the brown is area he burned. We hope to figure out a fence which would keep the chickens in that section and out of the rest of the garden. They'd keep the grass down and enjoy doing it. 

Though there were moments of this job Cory seemed to enjoy. 

Cory also began rototilling the devil's club. This is our NEWEST attempt to kill the stuff. It is moving out of the wood and into our's NASTY stuff. NOTHING we've tried has worked. We'll see if this does. 

Check this out - just because it's odd. While cleaning up Allie dropped a fry - look were it landed. I told her it's probably time to plan that shopping trip she's been avoiding. LOL 

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Bachan's Playdate with Noah

I got to spend the morning with Noah Bear! I arrived in Eagle River at 0745...Noah seemed to sense something was up - and he was up! He and Jared are enjoying some "boy time" as Larissa is out of town with her job.  

Now, if you're a blog reader you KNOW Noah has an amazingly beautiful head of hair. Unfortunately, Bachan didn't think to get lessons on how to tame the morning hair. We had breakfast. 

Played peek a boo...

I changed Noah's diaper and tried to comb his hair. 
Bachan and Noah 

Hmmm....Noah ran and brought me styling gel and the comb. ::snort::  He didn't seem very happy with the results...but we moved to his room and read, played with toys....
"Really, Bachan?"

Until he fell asleep and took a nice nap. 

Arielle, Benny and Danny showed up at lunch time and I drove across to Wasilla so I could volunteer at our Organic Food/Produce co-op. I was able to bring the cardboard home and have plans to spread it under mulch in the garden. 

Monday, May 27, 2024

Memorial Day

I had hoped to work in the garden today - but it rained. I DID go sit in the greenhouse with my cuppa chai. ::grin:: 

Most everyone around here had a slow wake up. Stacia went to watch BreZaak's kids so they could go out on a date. 

Jared and Noah arrived around 1 p.m. It was fun to visit...Larissa is away on a work trip and the guys will be going duo this week. 

Hello, guys! 

We visited and played.  I called Arielle to see if she and Cory could help me out so that I could volunteer for co-op (I was signed up as back up). They were about to go hike the Butte. I suggested they stop by drop off Ellie - which they did. 
Jared and Noah 

Jared & Noah 

Ellie @ 2 months

Noah and Allie

Jamin arrived and we kept visiting. CoRielle came back from their hike...The boys and Cory hiked the Butte last week, but this was Arielle's first trip up since having Ellie. I shamelessly got these from Arielle's story.  As a side note - may I say it makes me happy every time I post a photo of Charles and don't have to put an emoji over his face! LOL 

Arielle and Benny 

Three proud boys! 

Jenni dropped by. CoRielle and the boys came to retrieve Ellie. They stayed to visit and play. 
Cory, Danny, Benny

I had started some chili this morning. Everyone stayed for an impromptu dinner. As often happens people congregate in the kitchen/dining room. 

We do have a perfectly accessible living room. 
Allie, Nolan, Stacia
Danny, Noah, Charles

Jamin and Jenni ducked out. CoRielle ducked out. Noah discovered the Magna doodle and he LOVED it. 

Jared and Noah went home.  GG went to bed. The rest of us played Ransom Note. The game is always different - even when you get the same prompts. 
Stacia, Allie, Nolan, Michael 

It was an unexpectedly fun and social day. 

Sunday, May 26, 2024


We had a big announcement at church this morning. Alliance Christian Fellowship in Eagle River is going to be starting a second campus in Anchorage around Christmas. We've been around ministry for a lot of years and were not surprised by this announcement. "Healthy things grow and growing things change," as Pastor Brian shared this morning. The service opened with a video showing the history of the church since Brian was a fun watch...and then JOSIAH was on the screen and 30 seconds later Jamin was on the screen (17:14 and 17:41).  It really is an exciting time to be at ACF and I know deep down there will be more changes to come...because the four services are bursting at the seams and the parking lot is CRAZY chaotic... LOL 

After church we headed into Red Robin. We grabbed our food to go and met at Luke and Krista's.  Our next stop was the "new" Costco to pick up a few items. They had the bread flour even though I'd been told twice it was no longer a Costco item. I'm glad we checked. I'm a bit unsure about the amount Michael selected. LOL 

He got it all to fit...
Allie & GG up front, Stacia in the back 

In the afternoon Michael worked on getting the garden fence ready to operate...we can't find the the garden is still very moose vulnerable.  I tried to create a trellis...and it looked great until it fell over. LOL 

Mama and the babies came back. I found little hoof marks in the strawberry bed. 

Aaron and Elise came over in the evening. It was so GOOD to see them. Michael and Aaron brainstormed about a new project we are going to ask Aaron to take care of for us. I THINK he will end up fixing and shoring up our deck and extending parts of it.  There was no deck when we bought the house, and we asked the owners to put one on...I am glad we did so we had something right away - but it isn't faring well...and there have been times there were 30 people on the deck and it worried us. LOL 

Stacia has had the moving itch pretty bad for the past months....and so today she pulled out her old loft bed and rearranged her part of the girls' room. She created a cave and will use the top of the bed for storage.  In the midst of all the movement there was a teachable moment with Mike. 

Stacia's cave

Part of the girls' room

This photo was posted by a neighbor - bears up a tree about a block away. It's a zoo out here. 
Photo via Facebook 

And here's a screen shot from the church's page...look it's Jamin manning a camera. 

Yes, I am attempting to catch up the blog. I quit for a bit of time as I thought through some stuff from counseling. The comment was made if someone hasn't respected the access I have given them to my heart, or if they've been untrustworthy with that access, it isn't unforgiving to limit further access. This led to the realization that I have lived as if I were obligated to answer every question in order to be "authentic." In truth I have lived with few internal or external boundaries. All THAT led me to consider the blog and I simply didn't have the energy to decide what I wanted to do,  so I rested. 🤣