Thursday, December 12, 2013


The problem with traveling in close quarters is some of us are night owls and some of us are early birds. 

This morning I worked out, had breakfast, sat in the hot tub, blogged....and then we all got up and met with the Jamin, Jared and Shelby for lunch.  After lunch we headed to Unidad Park. We began romping around this park when Jared was 11, Stacia was a newborn - with everyone else falling in between. Fun memories of park days with was a great place to reconnect and run off energy. 

Jamin and Jared are enjoying the freedom of having this semester COMPLETED! Jamin, especially, as he prepares to GRADUATE! 

Rousing rounds of various types of tag


 Cody loved raging around Unidad too

They couldn't do THIS eight years ago - a contest to climb to the top began

More tag

Texting and tag....

We headed to Jamin, Jared and Steven's apartment to visit until Cy got off work and it was dinner time.  In the front seat is Jamin between Stacia and Arielle. Steven is in the middle by Nolan.  Larissa, Jared and Zander are in the back.  It was fun to get to know Larissa today. 

We had to go see Jamin's picture on the wall of Applebees - center in yellow. 

After dinner we ALL piled into the van and drove around looking at Christmas lights. We miss the lights in San Angelo.....we will try to get down the the lights along the river before we leave.  It was fun to have the van full again. We ended the night visiting at the boys' apartment.

Choosing Joy!
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Deja said...

THAT looks like a wonderful day!

Jodi said...

Great day!