Thursday, January 15, 2015

Surgeons, Puzzles and Conversations

We saw the surgeon today. Michael had staples removed and we're trying solid food again. He also said it will be another 3 - 5 weeks of convalescent leave.  Yeah - this was SOME SAME DAY SURGERY. ::snort::  I'm thinking Michael will push to be back on at least light duty in 3 weeks. Now that he's a bit more lucid, I think he's getting bored.

We read 9 chapters of Island of the Blue Dolphin today. I cooked dinner and we relaxed together. Not a bad day at all.

I talked with my Mom. We all enjoyed a Skype with Nate over in Turkmenistan.

Arielle got bored and started putting together the puzzle that looks like a "mirror"
Ticket to Ride - Asia
We were previously upset that Japan was not in the game - there is one little part of Japan - Kobe

Choosing Joy!
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