Saturday, August 15, 2015

Clearing Out the House

Izaak, Bre and Dakota left this morning so they could be back in Eugene on Sunday.
The rest of us worked hard.  Josiah had planned to rent a small Uhaul truck to move a couch, table  and two recliners to Seattle. He upgraded to a 20ft truck to help everyone get their stuff to OR too. Worked well. The "men" received a call telling them the truck in Yuba City needed to be picked up in Roseville... instead of getting it at 0800 it would be 1200 at the earliest.  This put them loading a truck in triple digit heat. Shew. They headed out. The rest of us began dismantling furniture, cleaned a BBQ grill and moved it all to the living room and front yard to be ready for the 20 foot Uhaul truck.
Dismantling Arielle's bed desk.
 This piano was my Uncle Bill's. Mom guesses it is 79 years old. It is going to BreAnne - but she doesn't have room in her house so it will go to Krista's to store. Our electric piano will go to BreZaak until they have a bigger other words they are storing it for us - and it will be much better stored at their house than in a storage facility.

Washing BBQ guts
Michael stopped to play it one last time...
Alex isn't supposed to be doing anything strenuous - so he took 204 photos of the day for us.

All felt the worse was over when the piano was loaded.
Because a sprained/jammed finger isn't enough....what could go wrong with THIS plan?

Jared and Larissa
 Enjoying a final rest in my recliner....I'll miss it.

We gave Mom and Dad the elliptical
We've loved the mega grill and are glad Izaak is going to get it
This is a well-packed truck.
We broke the "Sunday ice cream" rule and everyone enjoyed a cool treat after the hot day.
and games.... We wanted time to stop so we could enjoy more time together.

The house is clearing out. This is a good thing. 


Anonymous said...

Alex did a fantastic job with the pictures!

All of the "this went here, this went there" reminds me of the shell game, lol. And your bbq is similar to mine--I think they look like the Jetson's maid Rosie the robot!

What a week it's been for you all, so full of excitement and emotions and "what's next." I'm thinking that the military was both one giant constant for your family over the past decades, and it was also the one thing that kept everything changing.

Praying this morning for the Lord's continued direction.


Anonymous said...

Dad/I so enjoyed being with you all for this moving time. The kids are so blessed. love you all and looking forward to the next time we are all together again. l/p dad/mom etc.