Sunday, June 23, 2019

Busy Monday

I got a text from Michael early this a.m. like 0500 early.  I needed to run an errand for him as soon as the post office opened.  Michael has safely landed in Colorado. He'll enjoy a few days with his brother and family. Krista will meet him in Colorado in a few days. They'll proceed to drive to Alaska.

Dad and I went to the post office to mail Michael's passport, get my photos and renew my passport, and get Dad a new passport. We managed to mail Michael's and get my pictures. We'll go back tomorrow as Dad needed an appointment. The man told me I could "mail this yourself." At the end of  helping me, after I'd paid, he gave me a flat rate envelop and recommended I send the passport I walked out I realized...."No, I can't mail this FROM home, I'll have to bring it all back to mail it here." ::snort:: Tomorrow.

I didn't even get to walk into the door before Stacia met me and we headed to Freddies to get her a couple of things she needed for camp.  This is usually a 5 - 6 minute drive. Due to road construction it takes 20 minutes to get to Freddies. Tis the season.

Nolan came home and agreed to drive out with Dad and I to take the kids to camp. He was making a call to the oral surgeon before we left and they said the could see him THIS Friday. WHAT? No initial consult. They'll remove the offending, painful teeth this Friday...IF we registered him before the end of business day. I knew we wouldn't be home before the end of business day....that was a LONG registration form. ::snort::

We met a friend and followed them out to camp. I was a bit worried about trusting the GPS in totally new territory.  Gorgeous area, nice camp. I took a photo, but promised one of the girls I wouldn't put it on Facebook.....

Yes, the kids are at camp. Michael is gone. I freely admit this as one would  be a fool to attempt to get into this house. Enough said. There are still 3 men here... CoRielle had recommended Smashburger...they said the burgers were good, the view great, AND they had a vegetarian option.
Our table with a view
They were right on all counts. It was another gorgeous summer day in Alaska and we scored an outside table with a stunning view.

Back at home, Nolan and Dad headed to bed. I spent another hour watering, weeding and settling chickens for the night. I've discovered it's very refreshing to sit and watch a sprinkler....with a cup of tea.

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