Tuesday, December 17, 2019

CoRielle's Move - 3rd Anniversary

The craziness continues at our house! Today, is CoRielle's 3rd anniversary. A lot has happened in three years...they've finished college, had a baby, moved to Alaska, and NOW they are moving into their first purchased  home! 

Benny is not 100% sure about all the chaos...but he's game to play with Baachan and Stacia.....
Mattress surfing - hmm I don't get to do this often
 As the day progressed, more and more things moved out of the house and Benny became distressed. One thing I know is moving and children...we loved on him, got him involved, and knew things would be better "tomorrow."
Photo via Arielle 

Benny loved helping dismantle CoRielle's bed

 He helped me pack food....and mark the location of emergency chocolate for mama tomorrow.  
Photo via Arielle 
 Michael spent most the day at CoRielle's. Evening found Benny and I enjoying quiet moments while everyone else was scurrying around with the move.

The time came to say goodbye to the basement apartment....

My heart....

And then they were back because Benny needed a Baachan escort. I walked him out to the truck. He said, "Baachan come my new house with me."

I told him not tonight, but I'd be sure to visit....I think there's a Baachan door planned next to the doggy door.

I confess to a few tears on my part as well. We're excited and happy for them...and incredibly grateful for the season of the past two years.
Michael mostly felt tired. ::wink:: 

 You can tell Benny was playing with Papa as Papa is wearing the nativity. LOL

And now the unpacking and settling will begin on the other end of the move.
Photo via Arielle 

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