Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Stacia's Big Win

Stacia submitted her first completed college writing assignment this week. The topic was the "Infallibility and Authority of the Word."  The prof was QUICK and before she knew it, she had a grade back on the paper. 

She made a 22.5 out of 24 points or a 96%! Woot! Woot!! I've noted both Allie and Stacia (and Michael) take it as a near personal affront when points are taking off due to grammatical errors. I understand. They endure Michael's ruthless editing and it's always a surprise when something has been missed. LOL  Both girls are also happy with their grades but want to know how to improve. Stacia wrote back and asked if the prof could share what she had done wrong. I love this Prof. He's so honest. 

He admits what we have been telling the girls, "We're trying to give you something to aspire to..." In other words, in your freshman year, they want you to see room for improvement. But check out his final comment!!! Not bad for a high school senior! 

With the paper turned in she has two requirements left to complete her first college class. She needs to fulfill a service-learning requirement (SLR) and take the final test. 

Stacia has been sweating the SLR. Her anxiety of being in front of crowds is one issue we've discussed with her call to missions. Tonight, she presented a talk to the youth group on her topic.

She used the white board to give her hands something to do....and from the feedback we are hearing it went well. It's been recorded and will be sent to the Professor.  My organizational sensibilities are offended by the lack of order on the whiteboard....but all the main points are on there and I hear the kids were great about engaging in the discussion time.  As one of her siblings noted, "You've overcome a huge personal fear and now the world is at your feet!" ....and she did it in front of her peers, which is hard! 

She will take the final exam on Friday and be done with her first college course. 

She's starting to complete high school courses. She won't have it all done before her trip to Hawaii, but it will all be done by mid-March. She'll spend the remaining months of her senior year on college courses. 

Go, Stacia! 

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