Thursday, July 27, 2023

College Update

 And here we sit. 

A second day. 

At the table. 

There is room at the table for ALL.  GG was at the table until he got bored with us and went out to the deck - you can see him in the background. 

We did it!!!! Two FAFSA applications filled out, SIGNED by parent 2 with an UPDATED FAFASA ID.  It feels like cause to celebrate. We suddenly have little to do.... sort of.  There actually is plenty to do. BTW - the girls purchased some cool dry erase pens for me...check out the color coordinated board.  Most the post it notes were completed and thrown away. We added a church line on the board and a repair line.... ::snort:: 

College update for the girls! 

Stacia earned a 3.81 for her semester of college at Global University.  She has received official notice of acceptance to Alaska Bible College. Her transcripts have arrived, and they will give her credit for 2 of her 3 Global University classes. The 3rd class was one of those "how do I do college online" classes.  We are waiting on a certificate of eligibility from the VA and need to simply go in and register for classes. And, yeah, pay. 

Allie earned a 3.75 for her freshman year at Liberty University.  Her transcripts have arrived at Alaska Bible College, and they will accept quite a few of her classes - nearly all. She is most relieved she will not be required to take another math class. YES.   She was told they are waiting on her references and then they can extend an official acceptance.  We are getting closer. We are waiting for some information from the VA and then will go in and discuss classes for the upcoming year. 

We had planned to go in for ONE appointment and line out the course of study for both girls - but it may be easier to go in 2 separate times. 

In any event - we are getting it done and in three weeks both girls will be in college again. 

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