Friday, August 04, 2023

Some Thoughts on the Rest of the Week

 Yes, OF COURSE, there is more to the week than house projects. THIS is my happy place. I didn't get anything planted until July, but I've got some things ready...I hardly feel guilty at all about not getting the big garden planted this year. 

Did you notice my lovely mug? I have loved these mugs since I first saw them at Friday Fling. A few years ago, I had the vendor make teacups for all the girls for our Christmas Adam tea.  I always give the girls a new teacup at the tea. We've actually not been able to have the tea the past two years due to schedules and bad weather. Anyway, we love these teacups...but I have still wanted the's a bit bigger for my morning cuppa chai. 

A couple of Fridays ago I parted with some of my hoarded spending money and finally bought a mug. It was worth it. 

Chickens are indifferent to my cuppa chai

I'm about to start harvesting lettuce and spinach...but first a cuppa tea. 

I found and booked an Air BnB for upcoming women's conference.  I completed the treat schedule for the upcoming months of Sundays. We've taken oodles of loads to Bishop's attic. 

Today I talked with a man who KNOWS the VA...well he sort of IS the VA expert in our state...and he assures me we will get Chapter 35 funding for's just a matter of waiting... and paperwork. 

I putzed around moving things from the nook down to the study and kitchen food storage area. I'm working to make the nook what it was first envisioned to be. It's already much more relaxing. 

Stacia helped me move Gram's old sewing machine stand into the study to house the printer. This allowed me to bring THAT end table up to the nook. 

Michael loaded up all the black bags of trash which have been collecting all week as we sort through things and clean things...tied everything down and took it all to the dump. 

Allie went to work. I started a ham and Stacia, and I ran errands. 

We ordered a cake for Sunday. 

We ran some things by the boys' house. 

We dropped a box at Bishop's Attic. 

We drove over to Walmart. My hope was to find festive tablecloths (there weren't any), 2 or 3 pastel or lace square clothes (there weren't any), a couple of storage bins, and groceries for Sunday. 

I harvested my first basil...and I transplanted some more starts. I need to read up on tomatoes. I've got a plant that needs HELP. It's too big and heavy. I think I'm supposed to trim the greenery too. I must read up on it. 

I started with one purple basil plant...I have six now and will let them grow. 

I finished reading 1, 2 and 3 John and started Galatians. 

I attended a small group via zoom and determined to Rise Strong. 

I have made many happy memories with family. 

I am reading "Good Boundaries and Goodbyes" and a Teacup Murder Mystery. 

It's shaping up to be a great week! 

Michael mentioned he'd been thinking about how our table is emptying out. It will seat 8 - 10 and has been full in year's past. It's down to 5 now when we are all home and Allie works several nights a week. Last night both girls were gone and there were 3 of us around the table. We have both been thinking we need to be intentional about keeping the table full - at least some nights of the week. Michael mentioned the parable where guests are "compelled" to come in so the table/house of God will be full...and we are starting to understand that more as we observe our giant table with so few around it. I wondered if it was time to downsize to a 4 seater...but I suppose it fits our views on Biblical hospitality to keep the big table and find folks to invite to sit with us at the table. LOL  This table came with a story and a charge....and its time to step out of our WHACKY season and back into a more normal hospitality pace for us. 

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