Thursday, July 04, 2024

Chugiak 4th of July Parade

 We were excited to participate in Chugiak's 4th of July parade. With it being a holiday weekend, and so many working (Carrie and Allie) or traveling (KrUke and Larissa and Noah) or ill (Nolan and Alex) we weren't sure how many would show up to walk in the parade. Quite a few...and we had a blast. 

All this excitement before the parade began! 
Stacia, Liv, Jamin, Jenni and Josi

Me, Jared and Michael 

Though I HAD brought the stroller and the car seat we found Josi was most content in Jenni's arms. Jenni carried her through the whole parade. I'd left the baby pack at home at Carrie's....oops.

Stacia and Liv 

Annie (BreZaak's daughter)

Gideon, Annie, Bella, Jojo  - Trudy rode in the stroller

Bre with four of her kids 

Suddenly, we were lining up and heading down the highway. It was fun to meet some who have been out knocking on doors with Jared since February. The pace was wild...everything from a slow walk to an all-out sprint. LOL 


Jared, Trudy and Jamin 

Liv enjoyed passing out candy 

Highlights of the parade for me was being out in Alaska, an online friend who called my name, gave me a hug and told me she's been praying for our family, hearing people cheer when they noted our truck and over and over hearing, "That's Jared" and "There's Jared." All that door knocking is paying off in face recognition. 
Running to catch up with the truck 

I was moved to tears at one point when someone yelled, "Go Goeckers," while others cheered. Honestly, walking through grief can feel very solitary and it was moving to remember we are part of a big community...even if you's the political thing.LOL

Michael drove and was BUSY keeping an eye on our young runners.  I had a several ask for yard signs and a couple say theirs had been taken from their yard! WHAT? In idyllic Alaska? Some people asked if Jared was in the parade and wanted to talk to him.... 

It didn't take long until Jared was engaging with the PEOPLE and not simply walking in a parade....and it was great fun. 

Nick Begich (running for Congress) and Jared

Watching parades is fun, participating is even better.  I'm looking forward to the Bear Paw Parade on July 13th.  

A special thank you to Cory and Arielle. They stayed at our home and made the logistics much easier for Michael as I was already in Eagle River and unable to help get everyone out the door. The kids had a great day with GG, and Cory mowed our yard - took 5 hours. LOL 

Editors Note: Yes, I do usually keep our last name out of the blog, but it's becoming impossible to do so. I made an exception with this one.

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