Monday, July 01, 2024

The Rocking Chair

Mother's Day 2006 the kids bought me two beautiful white rocking chairs. I had dreamed of a porch with a rocking chair and in San Angelo, TX we had just enough room to fit two rocking chairs. Josiah was the oldest at home that year and he and Jamin instigated the advent of the rocking chairs into my life.  Michael was deployed that year. I'm sure this was funded mostly with Josiah and Jamin's money (though all chipped in). Over the years they got weathered.  I painted them this beautiful turquoise and gave them a new lease on life 4 or 5 years ago. One of them is in Michael's workshop as he thinks he can repair it. This one has been in front of the greenhouse but in keeping with my new commitment to sit and relax in the garden....I moved it to the garden.  The little stand to the left is from Josiah's and Carrie's. I nabbed it when we helped Carrie clean up her yard and shed a few weeks ago. 

In the past couple of weeks as I've wrestled with God in the garden, I've started sitting in the rocker to pray, to listen, to read...  Below you can view my typical set up with Bible, journal, GG monitor, ThermaCell and a container of crayons - which I've discovered are the perfect Bible highlighters - lots of colors and NO BLEED. 

I worked through a chapter or two of Hebrews. It was good. I needed to remember we all mature and learn much through suffering. I can't protect every person in my circle from suffering. I can also surrender my suffering to Him...and the parts about loving and showing hospitality etc. Good stuff. And He will NEVER leave or forsake me. Regardless. 

Quiet time View 

The little "Welcome Home" banner has taken on new significance to me as I work my way back to truly being "home." 

I have a habit of big stretches. At the end of reading, praying and journaling, I threw my arms and legs up, arched by back and CRAAAACK! 

Oh no!!! It was suggested it was time to move the chair to the burn pile. 



Josiah used his pay from Chick Fil A, his first job, when he was 17 to buy these chairs for me. I know they won't last forever and it's probably time to say goodbye to them, 

new boxes in background prepping for more 
weed suppression 

I turned the seat from the chair into a stand for one of the glass fishing floats from Northern Japan.  I'll probably add a small plant or something before too long.  I will use the back for a short trellis in the new bed.  It's in the bed waiting for me to get more dirt. 

See the turquoise trellis? 

I'll have to move my sessions of daily grace to the uncomfortable chair... it will work. 
Turned the stand from CyRi over to hold a float

This new view isn't bad for quiet time either. 

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you could repurpose the chair and make picture frames, some sort of stool-a kids safe step stool (they have these towers to help kids (age -4) stay safe as they help parents with dishes), or floating book shelves?