Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Just Us Guys

Sunday rolled around with just us guys in the house.  We headed out to church at the Chapel.  Pastor J did a great job preaching, we had communion and then we decorated the chapel for the Christmas season. 

It was poetry of motion.  The wreaths were hung at the sides and back of the chapel. Lights were tested and then wrapped around the tree.  The big box of ornaments was carefully sorted.  Many did not fare so well during storage, but most were ready to go.  Both high and low, the ornaments were hung with care.  The angel was placed on top - a very delicate operation, I might add.  The floor was vacuumed.  We all hung out for a group picture, and we were done.

Marisha with the "ghost buster" vacuum.
 Mark, Nolan and Maria sorting ornaments
 Going high to put that Angel on top
 Tatiana having fun
 Charvis and Constance hamming it up for the camera
 Sorting more ornaments
 Altogether now, Smile!
 Alex loved being at the center of attention for the little kids.

Then what?  Well, we were pretty hungry by then.  Yup, Hometown Buffet.  We went and buffeted our bodies then a movie at home.  Nothing profound.  Just a fun day.


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DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Looks like a great day!