Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Sister Night

Today is our last full day in Oregon. Krista had to work. BreAnne took the day off. We went shopping for a mother of the bride dress. Sort of a success and sort of not. I have a nice dress - that was on sale. I'm not sure I'll want to wear it in February. We'll see. 

We picked Dakota up from school - shoot - I failed at this grandmother thing - forgot my camera and missed a chance to take a photo. 

Tuesday nights are Sister Nights around here. Bre and Krista's schedules are such that they rarely see each other, though they share an apartment. Over a year ago they began having weekly Sister Nights. I love this tradition. We were happy to be here tonight for sister night......like a date night for sisters. 

Dinner at Hawaiian Time

We stopped by Ben Franklins as Bre had a wedding project she wanted to work on - going to be cute!  The rest of us found plenty of ways to fill our time. Arielle and Stacia loved the yarn....

Bre using the die cut machine and paper cutters

We all got little charms and such to make jewelry. I found the little "do hickies" that go on the back of necklaces....I want to try these on sea glass.

We settled in to watch a chic flick (rare treat for 3 of us). We watched, "While You Were Sleeping."  I booked our tickets home.

The chance to reconnect and relax together after the whirlwind of the past few weeks is a treat. I like Sister Night. Stacia has been campaigning for weekly "Girls Dates" since September....maybe it's an idea whose time has come. LOL

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

Love the specialness of Girls' Night and that Arielle and Stacia were able to join in. Such a sweet tradition to continue in your own house (wink!). :)