Saturday, November 30, 2019

Post Thanksgiving Surprises & More

Snow had been predicted for Thanksgiving....nope. We were out taking care of chickens and Bunny in shirtsleeves. Benny joined us.....

Alex had to be at work at 0600. I took him to work and had several hours of a very quiet house in which to work on retreat prep. I've got four sessions roughed out - one to go.

Michael finished assembling the divider for the upcoming Colony Christmas float our church,  is entering. He began putting primer on it....

Krista spent time prepping and polishing a sermon. She also pulled out the bed-frame we purchased for Dad this summer. He moved his fancy select number queen bed up...she's been on the single mattress. The frame fits under Stacia's loft bed.

Stacia and Krista sorted through the church's costumes in preparation for the Colony Christmas float. She also played Christmas decorating elf and helped me put more touches around.....I will share photos when I feel like we're finished.

I'm not sure what Nolan did....he had the day off and it involved sleeping late, reading....he DID pick up Alex at 2:30 p.m. and brought home Papa Murphy's to treat us.

Dad is a bit disoriented as I took over his spot for the Christmas tree. He called Will and joked, "You won't believe my daughter is kicking me out for a tree....well she's moving my recliner."

He is reading through Michael's collection of Patrick McManus - an outdoor humorist from Idaho (Dad's home state).  He spent much of the day in the rocker in the kitchen, chuckling and sharing stories with me as I decorated and then worked on Turkey broth.

In the midst of decorating madness I found Christmas cards from six years ago. There is no date on them....I seriously began to wonder if anyone would notice if we mailed out old cards....

Yesterday morning Benny sweetly greeted me with a bit of prompting and this question, "Baachan can I have puppy?" 

Michael has instituted a "no dog" rule, which I agreed to abide by for a year before asking to re-evaluate.  BUT  CoRielle are moving in a few weeks, have been looking, and found one they wanted to go visit. Michael agreed Benny should have a puppy. Cory  and Michael have both voiced concern I will get attached and begin pestering Michael for a puppy. Who me????

The highlight of the day...a SURPRISE because after I ahhed over her sister, Cory pulled her from his jacket! TWO Golden Retriever/Husky mix puppies. 
Kimber is Cory's choice
Cory & Arielle with the puppies they each selected. 
Probably Kimber and Penny
 As a child, Stacia loved our Fisher Price Nativity. It didn't take Benny any time to find it, and begin playing with it. Alex used to put dinosaurs in the creche. The llama from another set became a permanent fixture.....and now I keep it low for the grands.  We were sad to note the angel no longer sings atop the roof....she buzzes. ::sigh::  I don't know that we can fix her. 

While all played Farkle, I finished processing and began canning Turkey broth. We are OUT of home canned broth and I have been looking forward to restocking the shelves.  The first batch is finished. 

I'll close this post-Thanksgiving post with puppy photos from Cory and Arielle. 

All tired out!

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