Sunday, December 01, 2019

Sunday Glimpses

Here are a few glimpses from Sunday......

I began the morning getting the final load of canning processed...Benny was impressed with the steam coming from the vent spout.
Why, yes, that is bed-head and no make up and my robe.... about some descriptions of photo I COULD have taken this Sunday.

We finally have SNOW.....and my van had a flat on the way to church. We were late.

Krista preached today. I'm not saying this JUST because she's our daughter, but she had some good words...ones I'm contemplating today.

Josiah and Jamin drove out from Eagle River - through the ice and snow - to hear Krista preach. It was fun to see them and hug their necks before they had to head back home.

Brittney, Caitlyn and Allie joined us for lunch at Panda Express.

Benny is energetic in tracking days until Christmas....

A girl and her dogs...

We're working on Thanksgiving leftovers. Here are 22 pints of turkey broth, 6 jars of Cowboy Caviar (dressed up Salsa), and 4 jars of brown rice. I wanted to try this. I didn't get the ratio of rice/water perfect...but it will be handy to have in the pantry....I'll keep playing with the measurements.

We rested.

We connected.

I love Sundays.

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