Friday, December 13, 2019

The Return of the Moose!

It took a minute for me to comprehend what I was seeing. It is not one, but three, moose in the yard.

They returned! We've not seen any moose for about a month. At that point it was Rosie (of the USFW collar) and her baby..... Today, there were 3 new ones....

My greenhouse (a  gift of 2018) is a casualty of the recent wind storms.  When Michael is done with float fixin.....I am sure we'll recover what can be used and come up with a plan for next springs greenhouse. It was still standing after the first storm and I wasn't sure how to remove the panels. Removing panels will be fairly straight-forward after the 2nd wind storm.  I had stored summer toys and such in's an unsightly mess at this point. The moose did enjoy exploring the pile.  Note the walls are now over in the garden...that is NOT where the greenhouse was set up.

The greenhouse in happier's a tad bit disheartening. 

Look at all the brown! If it's going to be cold and dark - I want snow. Snow brightens up the landscape.... Without snow, we are getting lots of rain and ice. It is not the norm to have green weeds in the garden this time of year....
The chairs hold a tarp over the fire ring - ready for winter fire/hot chocolate
- for when we're SLEDDING....and snow shoeing....
 Ah - we are not simply a moose refuge...there's an aura of wildness marking our yard.   They simply follow the dancing lights to our garden! ::snort:: Mystery solved. 

And so....this is the second lasagna bed. It was piled tall in the fall, and is "cooking down." We are putting our winter compost here....the moose are loving it. ::sigh::

Do you think they REMEMBER the fence being electrified earlier in the year?

They romped around in the garden, by the greenhouse, with Road Runner - our escapee hen. Phoenix flew out and took care of the overly curious moose who was pawing at Road Runner... Good boy. The moose eventually settled down to our backyard buffet - aka the compost bin. The chickens and I were on the near side of the fence. This is as close as I've gotten to moose - and I won't be getting this close again....unless they continue to materialize on the other side of the chicken yard.

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