Thursday, December 12, 2019

Memorial Ice Cream

Two years since Mom unexpectedly went home to be with the God she loved and served her whole life.  The memories have been  pretty consistent since Nov 17th - Michael's birthday and Mom and Dad's anniversary. One just never knows. Mom was declared cancer-free just 6 weeks before she died. I am much more mindful of "time" and being fully present since this passing.

I DO find myself sad, remembering...and yet, "feeling Christmas" much more than I have the past two years, which tells me the whole "time heals" thing is kicking into this phase of grieving. Mom LOVED Christmas. She planned for it all year.  She had at least 200  nativities....bought gifts and KEPT THEM HIDDEN all year....and so I find myself remembering as I decorate, putting in a bit more effort than is my norm, because they are sweet memories...and she feels closer at Christmas.

We had Life Group tonight. We didn't want to cancel, but we wanted to do something to mark the day. Mom LOVED Dairy Queen, ice cream, sugar just a bit less than Christmas. ::snort::  When Michael and I suggested an early dinner at Dairy Queen, followed by memorial ice cream, Dad got a sweet smile on his face, and laughed.

This isn't the healthiest way for diabetic to remember Mom - but it's fitting....and it's once a year. I had a mini-blizzard and made note to schedule next year's A1C on Dec 10th rather than the 19th. LOL

Cheers, Mom. We miss you - but can barely imagine how much you are enjoying your Christmas this year. 

How odd is THIS egg? One of the girls laid a rose-shaped egg. 

This is one DANGEROUS farm! Dinosaurs on the roof...all the barn animals are lying on their sides. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in Benny's mind. Arielle continues to be pretty is a blessing we are able to so easily watch Benny for them as Cory works.  The week has gotten away from Stacia and I, but she won't mind the pay from the past week. $13 an hour to watch two kids....good spending money for her.

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