Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Rainy Daze

I looked outside and it was drizzling. I work out inside all winter. I really did NOT want to walk on the treadmill, do the elliptical or walk with Leslie. I decided to grab a sweatshirt and wool socks and go for it.  I want to walk outside as long as I can and if I quit now.....

Ah, yes! Michael had bought me a rain coat and it fits this year....sorta big even. It worked well over my sweatshirt. Though it WAS a bit challenging to see. 

Worth a bit of discomfort to see these sights. 

An added benefit is the animals stayed home in their warm homes. I don't know if they always will - but there were NO moose or fox on this morning's walk. I didn't melt.

I leave my tennis shoes outside to dry....with the advent of Millie I may rethink the practice. 

It was a relaxing, rainy day for all.  I was happy not to have to water today. I did miss putzing in the garden. Sometimes Millie simply sits at our feet...before getting an urge to attack them. LOL 

Dad got hearing aids today! He seems pleased with them. It's amazing to be able to talk in a normal voice around here...and I see he's already happier to be able to participate in conversations....he has said the microwave is broken as it's loud and the rooster sounds like he is in his bedroom. LOL  I have an app on my phone which controls the volume and settings of his hearing.  We've been working together to find a good volume for him. He says we can't talk about him anymore. I remind him I can mute him at any time. LOL  I think this is the best spent money in years!

Rainy days are good for thinking and I pondered my wellness journey - realizing my thinking has been skewed.

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