Thursday, July 09, 2020

A Sweet Life

Stacia still hasn't left Millie for any length of time. Today is our Bible study day.....we talked about leaving her home and enjoying a leisurely breakfast/study...and then we remembered...we are self-isolating and CAN'T go to a restaurant for breakfast. ::snort:: 

We queued up in the drive-through. Millie has fans at Sophia's. Today they gave her her first puppachino! Whut? Did you know these are a thing? Millie wholeheartedly approved. 
Whoa! I LIKE rides

After study the three of us went for a quick walk. This is one of my favorite spots to walk by....all the wild roses are n bloom and it smells HEAVENLY. was huge and filling. 

Kimber came to visit Millie. They both seem to enjoy doggie visits.  Millie continues to surprise us with her personality....she's obviously the baby but she gives out a lot. It's sweet to watch how Kimber lets her "win" from time to time...Millie sits on top of Kimber with a self-satisfied look until Kimber decides to flip her off.
Millie is learning not to cower....and she's a natural.  

Stacia is a great trainer. I know this is a LOT of work and stress for her - but she is loving it too. Millie responds quite well to her and fairly well to the rest of us.

Everyone loves Baachan's strawberries....Benny melted my heart when he took me over to the bed and picked berry after berry for me....some weren't totally ripe, but the moment was sweet. 

Kimber points out a ripe strawberry
 Millie illustrates what it looks like totally commit to strawberry gathering. 
Picking strawberries - mystery of the 1/2 eaten berries solved

GG does NOT have text on his phone...but he spends a lot of time scrolling through his phone. Benny is not 100% o.k. with this practice. ::grin:: Dad is feeling great and ready for Saturday and our release from our isolation.
"Hey, GG! Hey, GG." 

Two of my babies with their puppy babies 
Doggo Visits
 Did I say isolation? CoRielle are going on the assumption they have antibodies.  I'm not sure that's a thing - the reports seem to be varying - but in any event we are all feeling well, they decided they had whatever it was first and they have come to visit this week. We have enjoyed the visits.

I bought Millie a pink monkey.  It's arms and legs are various textures, it squeaks, it crinkles and it's become one of Millie's favorites. Stacia calls it "miracle monkey" as we can divert Millie for a bit of time from warm flesh. Her biting is getting better.... We are consistent with the toys, training or time-out method. We immediately try to distract her with toys, or get her attention on a training session, and if she's just too far gone she takes a time out.  We are also using a technique Travis and Cat showed us....some of us are better at it than others. SHE is getting older and teething can't last forever.....time and training are in our favor.
Yay for Miracle Monkey 

New sprouts in the garden 
Purple beans

Buttercup squash 

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