Monday, May 03, 2021

Magical Monday

Monday's mean Michael and I get out TOGETHER for a few hours.  Michael has been busy fixing up the row boat we brought from his childhood home.  Today, we drove up into the mountains behind our house and found a happy place. We have no idea what the name of the lake is...but it was magical. We even got a work out in as we had to lift the boat into the truck, and then down when we arrived, and down a hill to the lake....we drove up 2 weeks ago and it was still frozen, so we thought there may be some ice to deal with.

From Crescent City to Alaska

It was perfect, except for the one fall. LOL  Grandpa was happy with Arielle and Benny and we had a great picnic on the lake. I was skeptical when Michael told me not to bring a picnic blanket but he was a man with a plan. 

Our best picnic spot yet! 

It was so peaceful. We enjoyed our lunch on the water with the ducks and loons. Eagles and seagulls flew over head. Every once in awhile there were sounds from the shooting range, but it wasn't bad this time of day and we had the whole lake to ourselves. 

It was a treat to be able to soak in the beautiful scenery and the peace and quiet. We were able to finish a conversation. ::snort::  We are brainstorming a way to make a dolly for dragging the boat along next time. LOL 

We are able to go out together as Arielle and the boys come to hang out with Grandpa on Mondays. Arielle even re-made his bed, did several loads of laundry and watched a movie with the boys and Grandpa. Benny was quite taken with this very comfortable little boy bed....which is fine as Millie isn't taken with it at all. LOL 

I did my best to impress Benny with freshly squeezed orange juice. After his first drink, he asked if I could give him a "full cup" so he could show it to his Daddy. ::snort:: 

Stacia fixed Chicken Parmesan, biscuits, asparagus and green beans (from our garden). 

I told the girls we HAD to conquer my terror of Chard and use it tonight. Allie found an online recipe and we adjusted it. I didn't have the wine, so used chicken broth. I can't eat parmesan cheese and subbed nutritional yeast....we used twice the onion and added cashews...oh and a pinch of bacon salt. 

Success. Everyone but Alex ate it. He filled up on Asparagus (I AM enjoying the fresh produce in the house).  Everyone who tried it took seconds. I headed to the computer to add chard to my order for next Tuesday - but I already have 6 bunches of kale on there....I figure it cooks much the same....

Dad was TIRED tonight. He told us repeatedly that Benny was a good little boy!  He went to bed shortly after dinner. The house is quieting down for the night. Nolan will be home in a few hours. 


Shelley Lee in MA said...

De'Etta, I am going to be the mean lurker! I say that in fun, but you may actually think it! : ) Love your row boat experience - but*I think* you all should wear life jackets too. : / Too many crazy things happen! Gorgeous place. Take Care.
Shelley in MA

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Well...we probably should, but the water was very shallow, like 1/2 way up my knee.

Shelley Lee in MA said...

LOL. Fair enough! : )

Hey also just want to thank you for something you posted. You commented during your covid time how folks said to you - we are doing xyz - do you want anything from there? So that you knew they were not going out of their way. That has been very helpful - people have taken me up on my offers as I was going there anyway! And I have been able to be a helpful human. : )

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I am glad the idea helped.