Saturday, May 08, 2021

May's Everything Celebration

 As our family grows it gets harder to find a time for "everyone" to get together on holidays or birthdays etc. Our way around this is to pick one day and THAT'S the family celebration day....On May 8th we celebrated Mothers Day, Gideon, Izaak and Arielle's birthday and JaRissa's 5th anniversary.  

THIS is what I envision family gatherings to be...Stacia, Livie, Carrie, Allie and I all working together in the kitchen...catching up, enjoying each other and getting it done!  Stacia made another trial run on the upcoming wedding cake, which also served as Gideon's birthday cake.  I think it's looking darling and is just what Krista, whimsical and simple. 

The rest of us got all these pot pies in the oven....a dairy free, several chicken, and one veggie. 

Cory and Danny!

Baby loves - one of the best things in life. 
Livvie, Danny, Carrie

Benny attempts to explain how the game should be played to the uncles and his mama. 

Jared was in town which added a layer of festivity to our gathering.  He looks a bit crazy here - but it's the shot I got. 

Danny is content to move from the arms of one relative to the next. 

The ball is IN the air and OVER the net....I think they're working out the details of the game now. 

 Go, Olivia! 

 Benny's got style! 

Gideon was HAPPY to wear the pig hat! Benny not so happy about the situation. 
Bella, Annie, Benny, Gideon

The traditional sing along - this always goes much better when Bre joins us. LOL 


These are always fun days for all who can make it. This one is made even more festive as BreZaak joined us.  They've been very careful with Covid due to health issues. Jared being up from Juneau made the day extra special.  We should have chosen a "date" for June's events....

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