Monday, August 29, 2022

A Day at Home

The morning began with Olivia. Stacia had school and Allie was sleeping - poor Liv was left with me to entertain her. She introduced me to a Disney show...and we made banana muffins. We also had a good talk about the recent changes in her life. She is attending a new school in the new town they moved too. She told me she likes the school. She had discovered today a friend from school goes to her church - always a great connection.  It was good to hear she is liking the new school. We've been praying for a smooth transition for her. 

Stacia spreads out her books and gets it done! LOL  The challenge this year is to find a quiet place to work on school in the mornings. Allie is usually sleeping when Stacia starts the day (because she works late at night several nights a week). GG has taken to loud discussions and singing in the a.m.  My noise cancelling headphones work nicely. I gave them to her right after this picture was taken. LOL 

Stacia finished school. CyRi arrived to visit for a bit, pick up Livie and head to the state fair.  The girls and I visited and ran a couple of errands. 

I took Allie to work. 

I noted the chicks, which are now pullets, were pecking at the tiny new chick. I couldn't find all the things for the brooder but set our new chick in the other side of the rabbit hutch, caught the broody hen and put her back to work. LOL  We've raised a chick by hand before, but if she will do the job, it's much easier to integrate the new chick to the flock. 

I picked veggies for dinner...made dinner, started a batch of chicken broth, and waited for Michael to come home. 

Stacia and I DID begin the Monk series's been 5 years since we watched it. I think it's o.k. Watching MONK puts me instantly back to our days of living in the RV.  LOL 

Michael arrived home. GG went to bed.  I waited up for Allie. 

Three eggs tonight - we suspect 1 from Golda (her eggs are bigger and white), we also got a green egg and another BIG brown egg. I am guessing we have 3 of the pullets laying. We are dreaming of being overrun by eggs once again. Last time we had this many hens we sold eggs.

More yellow is showing up in the yard...I think fall is here....and if I refuse to admit it much longer I may miss it altogether. LOL 

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