Sunday, August 28, 2022

Surprise in the Chicken Coop

We've had a hen sitting in a nesting box for weeks. First, we thought she was dying as she had been ill and picked on. Then we thought she was avoiding the rooster. We left her alone. Tonight, when I went to check for eggs the box was empty and there was a tiny brown egg in the box. Our new chicks have begun laying a week early! YES. I look forward to swimming in eggs again. 

I was surprised to find the hen sitting on the floor of the coop. She moved to grab some food and look what I saw! She HATCHED A CHICK. I sat and watched; she is doing a terrific job at being a mommy. This obviously did not hatch from one of her eggs. My guess is maybe it's one of Golda's eggs...Godla has been a great hen for 4 years. I hope it is not a rooster. 

It took Stacia, Livie and I 30 minutes to get them all inside this evening. They ran us ragged. One even flew out of the coop. We finally got Alex. He's much less intimidated by them than we are. 

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