Friday, September 27, 2013

Jared Update

I am sorry to leave those of you who may read the blog and are praying for Jared hanging. I forget some connect only this way and not with texts and Facebook. 

Jared is at home.  He had a bit of frustration navigating the insurance system...but is on a great course now. We are praising God for a Christian doctor whose family we know through running co-ops in TX. This doc happens to practice on the base and he was able to see Jared, refer him to the cardiologist, help Jared understand the tri-care system and he explained all that the other doc had said in a way Jared could understand. I think best of all if feeling that you are being HEARD. 

Jared is wearing a heart monitor.  He and I were expecting a watch, I guess. ::snort:: Those of you in the know - know that this involves stickers, wires and not getting wet. He's not loving it - but we're hopeful it will provided needed info. He is taking Dronedarone. All diagnosis are speculations at this point - so we'll just ask that you continue to pray for accurate clarity. 

I found it funny that Jared gave a speech in debate. Knocked it out of the park. He then received a call from the heart monitoring office asking what he was doing to elevate his heart rate. ::snort::  He is not allowed to serve at work as there is the potential of getting the monitor wet.  

He is scheduled for an echo cardiogram on Monday. 

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