Friday, December 27, 2013

Amazing (Title submitted by Zander)

We decided to open gifts today. I had plenty of time to make Cinnamon rolls and since BreAnne knows that it's a Christmas Morning tradition....I made some for her.  I think I would have even without her BIG hints. ::snort:: 

We had a leisurely morning and opened gifts. 

Arielle and I decided an American Girl Doll and books would be the perfect gift for Stacia this year. I wanted to get one that would go along with the period we are studying in History. We quickly discovered most of the earlier dolls were retired. I turned to ebay and the results are this Felicity and a Kirsten doll (Arielle decided she wanted one for her collection too).



Nolan  - lots of new games! 

Dakota - Sonic Screwdriver
 I received these candle rings from my mom....of course they were too perfect not to take a run as Princess Leah!

I tend to get the girls a cookbook each year - usually a baking one for BreAnne. She likes to bake and she excels at it. Zander chose a  "food cookbook" this year for BreAnne as she's going to "have to learn to cook." Krista loves to cook and Bre loves to has worked.  Of course, Izaak has been on his own for a couple of decades and is proficient at cooking. BreAnne is a good sport...and I know she'll excel at cooking within months. Michael taught me how to cook. Zander picked out (with a bit of coaching) a Pioneer Woman Cookbook for Bre - hard to go wrong with Ree. Krista received the Eat to Live Cookbook (which will fit her eating style much better than Ree). 
BreAnne & Izaak 

Grandma T knows Bre
Stacia's handiwork for Krista
 Michael, Krista and I eventually headed out to bring home dinner - Papa Murphy's.  We came home to an empty home and evidence of an epic Nerf battle. 

Dinner was followed by more discussions, a movie and a trial run of Ticket to Ride. 

BreAnne and I ended the evening working on addresses for wedding invitations. Yep - wedding in 7 1/2 weeks. 

Is she texting Emily? We're excited to meet up with J family - soon. 
Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

OH! The 2 candle rings were some of mom's from way back when. Must say your girls are beautiful and boys handsome. l/[ mom t.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I guessed the candle rings were from Grams. Thanks.