Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday BEFORE Christmas

The highlight of this Sunday is the children's Church singing a few songs during the morning worship. It's odd to have only ONE child singing and/or performing.  There were years  when our tribe was 50% of the RE program. Odd indeed. ::snort:: 

After chapel we ran by the BX to pick up a few more GUY Stocking Stuffers....and a gift for BreAnne Michael had scoped out. ::shhhhh:::. 

Michael ran to the "other chapel" and the girls and I did a commissary run.  I did buy a case of PINK LADY apples. They charged me the price of the case coming off the truck. I've been trying to find a produce co-op or a good place to buy luck. I remembered starting a co-op in San Antonio and San Angelo. In San Antonio I went weekly to the produce terminal and bought cases at wholesale prices and then divided them amongst co-op members. In San Angelo it was easiest to buy cases from a local store known for good produce. Here....I've not FOUND a local grocery store known for good produce. I did ask at Walmart today and they'll sell me cases but no discount.  These apples are GREAT....but I didn't take into account the last time I bought produce in cases we had 7 of the Gherkins living at home and 3 of them were teen age boy eaters. Of course, two of us are now vegan and two of us are maybe we'll be able to eat them....

Just a relaxing Sunday night planned.

Here's a snippet of their singing.....
Sorry won't load today. 

Choosing Joy!
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