Saturday, August 08, 2015

Rodeo Beach

Michael had a surprise for us. We had hoped to visit Stinson beach.....but by the time we were done at Muir Woods we weren't sure there would be time for the beach.  We were not parked up at Muir Woods and it would take more time than we were planning to get there. We opted to head to Fort Baker so we could picnic by the Golden Gate Bridge and see the iconic bridge.

When we left Fort Baker, we assumed we were headed home. Michael took us to Rodeo Beach instead. I love the Pacific Ocean. It makes me feel closer to Asia.

Larissa also loves the ocean and had never been to the Pacific Ocean.
This is evidently how male Gherkins do the beach! LOL

Notice how excited Stacia is - jumping!
But not jumping HERE. LOL

Don't judge me. I was sharing the experience with a family member who I thought may have been here before.

Cute happening which caught Michael's eye

Sand is a fact of beach exploring

I look forward to visiting the Atlantic Ocean sometime in the future. Viva la retirement. This is the last Saturday Michael will be Active Duty.

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