Friday, September 04, 2015

New Bifocals May Be Hazordous...

I exited the Caboose with energy and purpose....we were off to explore Crilly Trail and walk along the McKenzie river before we took off for the Rogue River.
Unfortunately, it quickly became apparent that hikes with new bifocals can be treacherous.... the steps got me.  Michael walked back to the campsite and brought the van to retrieve me. I settled in with ibuprofen and ice, while the kids continued their hike and he ran a couple of errands in preparation to moving.
I had a bit of crying jag and realized it is because I so desperately want to make a zillion fun, family memories in face of Michael's recent "transition diagnosis."  Then I realized - this is our LIFE. If we miss this hiking trail, or this evening of s'mores - there will be plenty more. We are not camping.


Laura said...

"This is our life. We are not camping." There is an awful lot in that statement, isn't there?

I hope your ankle is better very soon.

Renee said...

I learned, having haD progressives for over 10 yrs, to always bend my head down to look through the distance part of the lens going down stairs and almost always use a handrail.
Hope the ankle recovers quickly

Anonymous said...

LOVE your statement "we're not camping"..... perfect. Bet you will understand the feelings of any and all those who make such living arrangements as you... down the road.

praying for healing on all fronts AND for your ministries up coming. l/p mom t.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Bend your head, point your nose where you want to look. I'm learning all sorts of new tricks!

Thanks for the prayers, Mom.