Thursday, September 17, 2015

Old Routines, New Circumstances, Old Friends

We're transferring old routines to our new circumstances - and having great fun in the process.

My ankle is coming along nicely. I still baby it. I've started walking in the mornings again - slowly and not quite as far....I've discovered if one must injure oneself on a family hike - living in a trailer has advantages.  The small living space is certainly easier to navigate.

School is progressing...we'll be flexible and take time off as needed to explore. We are enjoying our longer stay in one spot here in the National Redwood Forest - which also hosts Mom G.  We've fallen into a routine of schooling and then heading over to visit Grandma for a bit before it's time to be home for dinner prep.

Today, Hope did dinner prep for me. Dave and Hope are friends from college who have moved to the area. Dave was a groomsman in our wedding. It was fun to reconnect, see their lovely part of CA, visit and EAT a selection of yummy soups.
Doesn't everyone have a Redwood Forest in their back yard?
Tonight was a foreshadowing of times to come. A great benefit of living in The Caboose is the opportunity to reconnect with friends around the country - if we figure out a way to track  everyone. Our friends (military or not) tend to be a mobile bunch.

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