Friday, December 18, 2015

#WYFF Eugene, OR

Krista and Arielle worked today.  Krista enjoyed her last day of work  before her two week Christmas break.  Arielle works retail - there are no Christmas Breaks. ::grin::   Us five spent the day relaxing, playing Wii and window shopping for Fifth Wheels and Motor Homes.

We planned to make home-made pizza and then drive through a living nativity this evening.   What ended up happening was a bit different - but good.  Mom and Dad weren't able to come over. Bre had a dance recital for some of the girls in Kid's Rock - she invited Stacia to go with her. Arielle worked. Izaak is finishing up homework for a master's class. Both he and Bre are enrolled in a Master's program. 

Krista and I went ahead and made homemade pizza. We enjoyed a leisurely dinner, didn't feel like battling crowds so we delivered a gift for Krista and took advantage of the chance to view Christmas lights on the way. We came home to watch a movie and read a bit.  Perfect. 

This also happened.....Bre doesn't allow people to touch and rub her stomach. She said I could touch our little grand blessing. I touched Baby Girl and talked to her and she MOVED...she rolled over and put her bum up against my hands.  I moved my hands and she moved to find them again. The start of a fun relationship between Baby Girl and Granna.
Horribly fuzzy but too fun not to share!
It was such a BIG movement we could watch Bre's stomach roll and move.  It's fantastically great to be here to enjoy this fun first.  We would have run upstairs for the SD card and the real camera if we knew Baby Girl was going to entertain us. 

Yuuki approves of snuggly, rainy days in Oregon. 

Arielle got home from work and we enjoyed a mid-night chat before she and the boys watched movies and had popcorn. Evidently, working night shifts and college has turned our gal into a night owl - would never have seen THAT coming. 

Our feet are happy and content in Eugene, Oregon this Friday.

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