Saturday, April 16, 2016

Tea, Walks and Advice

We left the horse show early because Beth (Nadia, Elizabeth - Nate and Heather's daughter, our niece) is in town for the weekend. Krista joined us for a tea party at Moms.  We were surprised to see that Stacia has gotten taller than Beth. 
Beth and Stacia
 It was great to have an hour or so to catch up! 
Mom, Lorri (cousin), Sam, Beth, Stacia, Krista

I got a text from Michael at 4 something asking me how things were going. He needed to run to an RV supply store. We ran back to the Caboose and I crashed.  This is what you do if you LOVE Monopoly and can't get anyone to play with you.

Saturday's are breakfast for dinner night - per Nolan's suggestion and the ratification of the remaining Gherkins.  Michael and I went for a walk around the campground after dinner. We stopped to help a lady who is having odd electrical issues with her trailer. She was excited to hear we'd be camp hosts in ID this summer.....she DID say we'll be the youngest camp hosts they have and not to be alarmed if our poker partners go face down. Um......armed with this advice I guess we're ready to host. 

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