Monday, February 06, 2017

C'mon Mary, Let's Go!

88 years old - Aug 12, 2016

Mom G tells stories of dating Dad G....he was always one for an adventure!

Mom G passed away this morning. She was 88 years old and was being treated for congestive heart failure. We expected it; yet we didn't fully expect it.
"Grandma, I'm having baby #2 in June."
"I knew it was time!"
Mom was sharp until the very end. She spent hours these past few months reading Scripture and writing down various nuggets she discovered. She had a HUGE stack of index cards each listing a verse and a name of Jesus. She had stacks of "healing cards" for Michael and stacks of "Jerusalem" cards too.
Happy she celebrated CoRielle with us

When we were in Crescent City, she asked me to research the form for writing haikus. I did. She and Stacia wrote many together and shared them back and forth. We found a haiku on her table this morning....

Madeline Coffee
Earl's over the horizon
What do I do

I imagine she knew she would be seeing Dad Earl again soon.  We know without a doubt Mom Mary is in heaven with Jesus and Dad. Our tears are for our loss. We are happy we had the time in Crescent City and then here in Oregon with her.
Games at Krista's

It shouldn't be a shock, but it is.

I keep hearing Dad G shouting in his boyish voice, "C'mon Mary, wait till you see what's over this mountain." Much like he did when exploring the Matsu Glacier in Alaska.

Until we catch up with you both again, Dad and Mom,  goodbye  - for now!
Cy & Grandma
Shoot! We neglected to get a candid shot of Jared and Larissa with Mom G. We'll add the family photo from the wedding later.

I'm pretty sure Michael will have thoughts to share at a later date. We covet your prayers as there is much to do. 


Linda said...

I'm so sorry, De'Etta. I didn't realize she was that ill. Praying for you all.

Kim said...

De'Etta, thanks for sharing your memories and the pictures. I'll be praying for you all!

Whitfield said...

Sending hugs and many prayers my beautiful friend. It has been so wonderful following the sweet family journey God has had your family on since retirement. So many moments of joy, laughter and tears and you each have walked it with so much faith and grace.

I love you my sister in Christ.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Linda - she hadn't been "ill" which is why we were so surprised. She was 88. We knew she had congestive heart failure - but we spent a lot of time with her last week and she was smiling, alert, happy, moving around find....Michael spent 3 nights with her last week and they had a great time. We didn't see a slow decline - beyond what we've been watching for the past year.... but I guess that is what the doctor tried to warn us about when he said her heart would quit one day. He said hearts get tired and worn out with age. I honestly thought she'd be with us another couple of years.

Patty Hough said...

Dear Michael and De'Etta and family,
Jim and I just now read about the passing from this earthly life to our glorious home in Heaven of your dear Mom G. We are so sorry for your loss but can be thankful with you that she is now home with Jesus in perfect health and perfect joy.
Patty and Jim Hough