Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hello Spring

We have enjoyed house-sitting. Our budget is plumper not paying a site rental. It's fantastic to be 2 min from the girls, their husbands and BELLA. It's ben a blessing to have  space to invite people over. Michael and I loved the sun room. Michael enjoyed being able to record various sports events - the voice command television remote was a fun novelty. We were happy, during the rainiest two months in our family history, not to have to schlep to bathhouses. It's been great for Michael to be able to work on repairs at the motorhome without us all underfoot. ::snort::

We wondered if these two months would be the death of full-time Rving - maybe we'd all enjoy being back in a stick and bricks home and just move to Alaska this summer and be done with it all. We find we still love our simple lifestyle. We're excited to move back into the motorhome. We are still dreaming of a "road trip across America," and this summer's trip up the AlCan.

I found Nadine's kitchen to be just about perfect - bigger than the RV kitchen but not overwhelmingly bigger. We loved the patio off the master bedroom - with the hot tub. These two months have helped us begin to think through what we are looking for in a future Alaskan home.

Michael spent the day finishing up a few more RV repairs. We began to spruce up the home to welcome John and Nadine home. 
Cleaning the Fridge
 In honor of spring, there was a break in the rain today.  Alex took advantage of the opportunity to mow the yard.
Go Alex! 
Last year spring cleaning felt puny in the Caboose - this year we get to spring clean a house and the motorhome. I'm in hog heaven. 😎

Michael brought the motorhome home with him.  Tomorrow we will load our things back into it and say goodbye to this season of house-sitting and hello to spring back in the Motorhome.

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