Wednesday, April 19, 2017

My RV Pantry

One of these is my RV pantry
The green tub, along with some space under a seat, are my RV pantry. Sure, it's a little sad next to Nadine's pantry....but it works.

I'm often questioned how I carry "enough" groceries in the RV for a family with 3 big kids (18, 15, 12).

I did change my mentality of a once a month big trip, partnered with weekly trips for fresh produce. I now think in terms of a once a week grocery trip. I simply don't have enough freezer, fridge or pantry space for more.

When living in an RV, one does NOT want to carry around a lot of weight in food! Every pound of tomato sauce means a pair of shoes, or book that has to be left behind.

Third, there ARE some items which seem to multiply or get pushed to the back and get lost. Some items are difficult to find in obscure grocery stores.  In other words, food does back up and I needed a system to store the few items I keep on hand.  For now, we have spare food under a seat and in a tub. This running list in my bullet journal, helps me KNOW where I have food and what I have on hand when we run across a grocery store.
Running list of food which likes to multiply
Here are a few items I've found harder to find in obscure towns:  SAF Yeast, Whole grain berries, Rapadura, Agave Nectar, specific herb teas I like - I have found most of these things from time to time in our travels.  I also like to keep things like dried apples from the trees in Crescent City and dried bananas on hand. As I'm trying to eliminate sugar these days I don't need a stock of Agave Nectar or Rapadura anyway. πŸ˜•

I've gotten very used to cooking in my tiny kitchen.  I will, however,  be happy to someday have a pantry modeled after Nadine's. πŸ˜‰

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