Friday, July 07, 2017

#WYFF Routine Life

See? It's not ALWAYS bears! This is the only "wildlife" I saw today. He greeted me when I opened the RV door. I sort of prefer his greeting over that of the bear.....
#WYFF - outside the Gherkins RV

Michael and the boys spent a few hours shopping for needed salmon poles, waders and such. They are heading out for an overnight fishing trip early tomorrow morning.

Stacia and I hung out at home. We worked on laundry, a bit of organizing and cleaning. In the afternoon a friend, from when we were assigned here in 2002-2005, came over and found us at the Travel Camp.  I got to know Darshia when she attended the women's Bible studies.  Darshia brought MJ with her. Stacia was 8 months in utero when we left Alaska. MJ was 3.  I didn't take a picture of the two them.  It was pleasant to listen to them get to know each other.

 I thoroughly enjoyed my chat with Darshia. We only scratched the surface of the things we could have covered - but we got started! I look forward to renewing this friendship. I snapped this selfie just as they were time I will grab some of the girls too.

Friday night is pizza and movie night. Michael brought some pizza home from the commissary and we ate and watched Mary Poppins and Megamind.

It's fun to end a post with the latest photo our mighty, little warrior! Gideon is now 7 weeks old. 2 weeks past his due date.....he's blossoming. We can't wait for him to get up here the end of this month.

As this is FRIDAY - I'll go ahead and label this #WYFF.

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