Saturday, September 23, 2017

Satisfying Saturday - Surprising Saturday

Arielle has been craving Pumpkin Spice Muffins - I love them too. I looked EVERYWHERE - with no success. I checked the Thompson website and discovered they hadn't shipped to any stores in any of the zipcodes within an hour of us.  A friend posted a recipe on my facebook timeline. I made them. They were "OK," but not really the same. They were a great quick fix. 

Then, Lisa, an online friend, asked for my address. She sent a package of them. Arielle was totally surprised and happy. She was sweet enough to share. 

Cory works Saturdays and Arielle doesn't have school. We enjoy having her nearby. I think she must have been the motivation behind this game of Life. 

We bought a couple of souvenir puzzles as we traveled in the RV. Michael and Nolan got this one together.  The plan is to glue them together and hang them on the wall in the game/family room.

Stacia baked. 

Later that night there was Dominion. 

It was a great, lazy day. I think everyone was happy it was raining so we couldn't tackle one of the outside projects.

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