Saturday, October 28, 2017

Sensational Saturday

I was up very early with my, heat, naproxen....I was content to sit in the recliner...until Arielle came up the stairs with the announcement that there were THREE moose in the yard and one was a BULL.  That brings October's count to 11 in our yard.  I tried to get photos, but they were around by the brush pile by the RV. I thought I could go out and get a shot  as I always have....but the bulls are skittish. It took off when it saw me....and the females (are they called cows?) followed. They kept trying to come back, as they have before, but he wouldn't let them. Arielle got a couple of shots. She had snap chatted them to Cory (I guess - I don't know how this works) and he took screen shots and sent them back.  

Izaak got called in to work and came home with a yummy pizza. My pizza dough is still not working well - even though I activated the yeast first. I'm going to try sometime this week with grinding wheat - that's the only other difference. I used to be able to make bread in Alaska. ::snort:: 

Michael vacuumed the back of the fridge and cleaned out behind there before we got everything back into it. Now we keep our fingers crossed that the parts arrive before anything else goes on with the fridge. 

Michael found Stacia's sling....and just like that I'm a sling-wearing-Gemma....

 It was a treat to see Bella and Gideon today. I haven't seen them all week. That is sort of ridiculous as we live a mere driveway apart. LOL Our schedules haven't meshed. 

Stacia finished her Llama Pajamas - and they are great! Unfortunately, the photo I took of her wearing them has disappeared from the phone.

We learned why Ms. Sarah says to remove the pins before you sew over them.  Now we know how to fish twisted pins from the underside AND how to install a new needle. LOL 

There was a magic time this afternoon when life was perfect. Arielle came up and the kids were playing games.

They moved to the kitchen. I love to have people in the kitchen when I'm cooking. Christmas music played, a fire blazed in the woodstove, and I was inspired to create an instant pot 3 "cheese" broccoli chicken garlic pasta.

 All are settled into the living room reading - I'm going to go join them. Maybe they'll want to read a couple of chapters of Narnia.

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