Friday, December 01, 2017

Advent Traditions

We love the whole Advent season around here. We don't typically open gifts on 25 December, with the except of gifts from those who would care if we opened on the "wrong" day. We open gifts from Michael's sister Mary and my mom on Christmas Day. Other than that, we have a birthday party for Jesus. We have done our family gift exchange on New Year's Eve (6th Day of Christmas) for many years. This took considerable stress off our family as we focused on the Advent celebrations, squadron parties,  and special services for a chapel worship community. It also allows us to shop the clearance sales. ::snort:: We are no longer as busy during the Advent season - but we decided to keep our unorthodox schedule. We like the focus on personal gifts to be separate from the celebration of Jesus. Quite a few of our traditions have had to adjust as the children grew up.

They ASKED for us to continue to have our Advent scavenger hunts. Each little door has a clue. Each night the kids read the clue, figure it out and find a little gift.

This is another tradition we still enjoy. During Advent the donkey with Mary slowly makes it way to the center. We have an add on for Lent and Jesus with His cross makes His way to the center. 

Our Advent season had some unexpected sorrow and loss this year....but I'm glad we had these reminders of the season.

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