Wednesday, January 23, 2019

This and That

I'm trying to figure out who is laying speckled eggs.  There have been a few with some specks, but they are getting more pronounced. I'd order more like her, if I could figure it out. Or maybe, it's not a breed and just an oddity. 

Michael went fishing on Monday and I thought I'd be processing fish Monday night/ Tuesday morning.  They got back later than expected. 

Tuesday he worked on the toy box for BreZaak and I took down Christmas decorations. 

I thought I'd be processing fish on Wednesday. Michael is a perfectionist, however, and had more work to do on the toy box. I decided to make chili beans this morning. 

Late afternoon the fish were ready to brine. I need to find a brine that is not 70% sugar. Just saying...but this is the one the majority of Alaskans have shared with me.  It was too late to let them brine a couple of hours, and then smoke a couple of hours, and then they are in the fridge for the night. We'll get them done tomorrow.

Bre decided she'd like the toy box - rather than having Michael redo the finish.  It really does look nice - but my phone takes fuzzy photos. oops. I'll grab another photo. He finished the box with some trim and varnished it.

Of course, we took the opportunity to check in with Annalise and her siblings. 

Caught a baby smile. 
One week old

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